Round 50J Schedule

Scope Summary


  • Based on CAx-IF User Group and LOTAR Requirements.

Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI)

  • Testing based on AP242 Edition 3 and PMI Rec. Pracs. v4.1
  • Focus on specific capabilities per test case
  • Combined test cases for Semantic Presentation and Graphic Presentation with extended PMI Validation Properties
  • Test with NIST FTC 6-11 for part-level PMI; if possible, also submit CTC 1-5 for SFA testing only
  • Test with prostep ivip Vise model for assembly-level PMI

AP242 BO Model XML Kinematic Mechanism

  • Continue collaboration with JT-IF
  • Testing based on AP242 Edition 3 and Kinematic Rec. Practices v1.0.
  • Use the updated "Gripper" test model provided by Audi via JT-WF

AP242 XML Edition 3 Support

  • Support migration to AP242 Edition 3 Domain Model XML
  • Continue collaboration with PDM-IF
  • Based on Recommended Practices v3.0.

Persistent ID for Metrology & Inspection

  • Traceability
  • Design Change
  • Covering Geometry, PMI, Attributes

User Defined Attributes

  • Test transfer of user-defined properties and parameters based on CAx-IF User Group requirements.

Alternative Representations for Part Shapes with PMI

  • Exact B-Rep geometry and tessellated shape for the same part in one STEP file
  • Include PMI to ensure correct association of information.
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